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Tyre specialists of Finland in nutshell


Autonrengasliitto ry (Tyre Specialists of Finland), which is known by the abbreviation ARL, is a business and labour market policy interest organization of tyre companies and retreaders.

ARL is a member of the Service Sector Employers PALTA  and thereby also a member of the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK). ARL is a member of the Central Organization for Traffic Safety in Finland and a shareholder in Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd.

ARL handles its international connections via its membership of Nordiska Däckrådet, the Nordic cooperation body for organizations in the tyre sector and BIPAVER (International Federation of National Associations of Tyre Specialists and Retreaders) and via the Nordic technical organization STRO (Skandinavian Tire & Rim Organizatio).

Autonrengasliitto ry (Tyre Specialists of Finland) was founded in 1944.

Membership: Tyre specialist companies

ARL’s membership consists of 70  tyre sector specialist companies and retreaders having about 260 outlets. The companies employ about 1600 people.

ARL’s member companies represent about 70 % of Finland’s tyre market. The companies in the field are engaged in retail and wholesale trade in tyres and wheel rims, sales of supplies, tyre retreading, servicing, repair and installation as well as the export and import of tyres.

Amongst ARL’s supporting members are a number of companies with close ties to the sector, who support the activities and the external profiling of the tyre sector.


ARL’s business policy mandate is to promote the operating environment of tyre companies and retreaders by exercising influence on legislation and regulations, promoting the competitiveness and profitability of companies in the field, raising the industry’s profile and producing tools to aid members in developing their operations. The association acts to promote cooperation between member companies.

ARL’s labour market policy task is to safeguard industrial peace in the tyre sector. It concludes the collective bargaining agreement in the sector and seeks to create employment terms and conditions which are appropriate from an operational standpoint as well as to promote collective bargaining negotiations at the local level and vocational training within the branch and at the same time raise the standard of occupational safety from the prevailing level in the companies. In case of industrial conflicts the association supports its members in the prevention of conflicts and during ongoing actions.

Member services


  • provides information on the trend in the tyre market once a month
  • provides information on the trend of tyre sector profitability and productivity
  • informs members of the business cycle outlook, international trends and amendments to legislation and regulations governing the tyre sector and provides the authorities with statements concerning the tyre branch.
  • carries out information and safety campaigns and leads research in order to promote tyre and traffic safety with the dual purpose of strengthening the expert image of its member companies
  • promotes the recycling of tyres removed from use


  • makes a collective bargaining agreement for the industry with
    Industrial Union
  • advises and trains member companies concerning the application of collective bargaining agreements as well as social and labour legislation
  • informs members of matters connected with collective bargaining agreements and social and labour legislation as well as the trend in salaries and wages
  • promotes industrial peace by assisting its members in settling disputes arising between the parties to an employment contract.
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