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Tyre Check 12. – 15.9.2022

The ”Tyre Check 2022” -safety Campaign was arranged since 1997 for the 26th time 12. – 15.9.2022. “Check your tyres in time” emphasizes the drivers own  responsibility.

The safety recommendation for summer tyres: 4 mm

The safety recommendation for the tread depth of summer tyres is minimum 4 mm in wet conditions. If the tread depth is less than 4 mm, drivers should consider renewal of tyres or exercise extreme caution when driving in wet…

Safety Communication reward 24.4.2018

The advisory board of the Finnish Road Safety Council granted 24.4.2018 Autonrengasliitto a reward for the associations active media communication on traffic safety.

Tyre related risks

tyre_relatedTyres are the most significant risk factor affecting driving properties in fatal car and van accidents. A tyre-related risk is involved in every seventh fatal crash.
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Tyre Check (Rengasratsia)

JA902058The Police, The Central Organization for Traffic Safety in Finland and The Tyre Specialists of Finland have arranged informative tyre inspections since 1997. Read more



In Summer tyre check we have been checking

summer tyres
passenger cars & light commercial vehicles
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