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Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd

The systematic recycling of used vehicle tyres in Finland started in 1996. The Finnish model of tyre recycling is based on the decision made by the Council of State on the use and treatment of disused tyres (decision no. 1246, October 12, 1995), setting an obligation for tyre producers to take responsibility for used tyres.

To fulfil this obligation the main actors of the tyre branch set up an administrative company on October 31st 1995, the Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd. Owners of the company are 31.12.2016

ARL – palvelu Oy (owner the Association of Tyre Specialists of Finland), Bridgestone Europe NV/SA, Continental Rengas Oy, Goodyear Finland Oy, Nokian Tyres Plc and Oy Suomen Michelin Ab. The managing director of the company is Risto Tuominen.

The new Waste Act entered into force on the 1st of May 2012. The Chapter of producer’s responsibility came into force on the 1st of May 2013. According to the new Waste Act and Waste Decree the producers of tyres – manufacturers, importers and retreaders – shall arrange that 95 % of discarded tyres brings into reuse no later than in the end of 2015.

Kierratys_tienpohjaThe Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd has been accepted as a producer corporation in the producer register 28.11.2014. Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd.’s main task is to bring discarded tyres into reuse. The company has to arrange for the collection, storage, reuse or other utilisation or treatment of used tyres as well as the dissemination of publicity and information relating to them.
The company’s goal is not to maximize profit but to organise in an effective way collecting and recycling of discarded tyres. The Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd. is an administrative company that subcontracts its operative functions and it does not pay dividends to its owners.

Subcontractor for operative functions is Kuusakoski Oy from January 1st 2007.
The Finnish market is producing about 50.000 tons of used vehicle tyres annually, equivalent to approximately 6 million car tyres a year. By the end of 2019 the amount of collected discarded vehicle tyres, amounted to 1 007 184 tons (1996 – 2019).

Within the recycling program of the Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd. 61 436 tons of discarded tyres were collected in 2019. 376 tons were sent for retreading, 56 802 tons were used in civil engineering works and 5 958 tons were delivered to energy production in 2019.

A vendor of tyres must accept used tyres without compensation. This obligation allies to an amount that is considered reasonable having regard for the amount sold and to used tyres that correspond to the types on sale. A tyre consumer must submit a used tyre to the vendor of the tyre or to a place of reception arranged by the tyre producer, unless he himself arranges utilisation of the tyres.

Tyre recycling is financed by a recycling fee, which the consumer pays when he buys new tyres. More information about recycling and Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd is to be found on the company’s homepage

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