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Annual report 2018

Autonrengasliitto ry (Tyre Specialists of Finland) was founded in 1944 as a business and labour market policy organization to further the interests of tyre vendors and retread firms.

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Tyre related risks

According to the Summer Tyre Survey carried out by Tyre Specialists of Finland in 1997–2005, motorists give more thought to the condition of their tyres than before. The development is deemed to have a positive impact on road safety. Progress stems from the effective, regularly conducted Tyre Check and tyre pressure campaigns held under the European Road Safety Charter as part of the European Commission’s Road Safety Action Programme.

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Retreaded tyres 2012

Did you know that retreaded tyres are used on aircraft? In fact, no less than 95 per cent of aircraft tyres are retreaded, and each tyre is retreaded an average of five times during its life. Aircraft tyres are used under demanding conditions, which means that tyres must meet strict criteria during the retreading process.

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