Autonrengasliitto ry (Tyre Specialists of Finland), which is known by the abbreviation ARL, is a business and labour market policy interest organization of tyre companies and retreaders.

Tyre Check

The”Tyre Check 2017” –safety campaign will be arranged in the middle of September (11.- 15.9.2017). The Police, Liikenneturva (The Central Organization for Traffic Safety in Finland) and Autonrengasliitto (The Tyre Specialists of Finland) have arranged informative tyre inspections since 1997. The “Tyre Check” –safety campaign participates in the European Road Safety Charter, which is a part of the European Commission’s traffic safety program to reduce the number of fatal road accidents. Read more

Tyre-related risks in 2000s

 Tyres are the most significant risk factor affecting driving properties in fatal car and van accidents. A tyre-related risk is involved in every seventh fatal crash. Read more.